OSCACER - Equipments

LinePlaneTransversal CutLongitudinal CutQualitiesThickness
Nr.2Hot/Cold Rolled; Coating0,5mm to 2,5mm
Nr.3Cold Rolled; Coating0,5mm to 2,5mm
Nr.4Hot/Cold Rolled; Coating1,5mm to 8,0mm
Nr.5Cold Rolled; Coating0,4mm to 3,0mm
Nr.6Cold Rolled; Coating0,4mm to 3,0mm
Nr.7Hot/Cold Rolled; Coating1,0mm to 12mm
GuillotineSteel up to St 44.2; Hot/Cold Rolled; Coating; Aluminium; InoxUp to 13 mm
Oxicutting/PlasmaHot Rolled; Aluminium; InoxUp to 300 mm