OSCACER - History


  Oscacer is a Portuguese group dedicated to the processing and marketing of steel products working in the flat and long segments.

  Founded in 1977, “Oscacer – César Rola Ltd”, preceded to “António Rola, Filhos” society, initially dedicated to ropework and general market and had its origins in 1907.

  Only in 1956 Oscacer started working in steel products and in the middle of 80’s install the services center. This enabled to provide steel cut in transverse and slitting.

  In 1989 was created a partnership in long products market with Spanish company “Comercial de Laminados”, leader in market steel in Iberia. That permits the appearance of “Ferlito-Ferros do Litoral SA”.

  In 2003 Oscacer bought 50 per cent of “Ferlito” belonged to “Comercial de Laminados” group. However the “Comercial de Laminados” is part of “Klockner” group. This achievement strengthening the Oscacer market positioning. Oscacer became a reference company in national steel market.